Flooring Solutions

We provide multiple flooring options for commercial & industrial settings.

To meet the demands placed on it daily, high traffic flooring in both commercial and industrial settings needs to be durable. It must be able to withstand constant foot and machine traffic with minimal wear and tear.

Types of Flooring We Install

PremUS offers clients a variety of unique flooring solutions

There are several main types of industrial flooring. We take away the stress by making sure your industrial business has the best floor that will last for years to come.

Flooring Solutions

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • MMA Flooring
  • Urethane Flooring
  • Polymer / Poly Aspartic

Polished Concrete

PremUS is a certified applicator for many different flooring manufactures.

The flooring solutions we install are durable, functional, and very attractive. Since we work with all of the major manufacturers, we can recommend the best flooring solutions for your application. Those manufacturers include:

Flooring Removal

We will prep your floor to make sure the selected flooring will be successful.

Any craftsman will tell you that preparation is the most important part of any job and that is another area where PremUS has established an outstanding reputation

  • Grinding
  • Scarification
  • Steel Shot Blasting
  • Previous Coatings Removal
  • Concrete Rehabilitation

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