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PremUS of Orlando has been installing Epoxy floors, urethane, cementitious urethanes and MMA since 1993.  We use premium products form a select group of manufactures with over 35 years of experience and is known as the industry leaders for their quality materials and customer support.  If you are contemplating using an epoxy or seamless floor for your project, you can be confident in knowing that PremUS of Orlando has the experience and ability to make your project something that you will be proud of!

Floors today are an integral part of many operations. Concrete floor slabs serve as pieces of process equipment in many cases. Concrete floors contain and support processes and equipment. They even facilitate process liquid spill control to the plant's sewer system. Floor slabs can be expensive to replace or maintain if proper care is not taken to protect them from the deteriorating effects of today's aggressive manufacturing processes.

Repair materials can enhance the serviceability and restore structural integrity and functionality to concrete floors. Once repaired, the concrete floor requires future protection using protective toppings, coatings, or overlays.

In industrial facilities, one recurring and costly problem is the failure of flooring repairs and protective finishes. Delamination, cracking, chemical attack, and mechanical wear are often observed after only a few months of service. These problems can threaten structural integrity, personnel safety, and the continuation of process operations, so they result in expensive rework for facility owners.

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