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PremUS of Orlando, Inc. is a relationship oriented coatings contractor.  To us, “relationship oriented” means through honesty and integrity making those we hire, and those around us pleased with the relationship they have with us.

It is the PremUS of Orlando attitude that makes us different from other coatings applicators. We can do the job, and we are very technically competent as you will see below, but, when there is an unexpected challenge, PremUS of Orlando views it as an OPPORTUNITY not a PROBLEM. It’s the PremUS of Orlando attitude that makes the difference.

We specialize in complex & diverse projects.

Our projects often

* Involve special coatings- both resinous and cementitious
* Have unusual or difficult job conditions
* Call for a group of highly trained technicians manning the entire project
* Have very tight time constraints
* Demand a high level of quality
* Require a high level of knowledge
* Require considerable experience
* Succeed where others have encountered difficulty


* They care about the image they give to their customers
* They care about the working environment of their employees
* They are concerned with schedule & need to minimize disruptions to their facility
* They want the best value money can buy


* To always treat others fairly when bidding, performing, billing and paying our bills
* To do the job right the first time
* To listen before, during and after the project

PRESIDENT – PAMELA RADER   A Woman-Owned, Minority Company

Pamela was brought up to share a single philosophy that today guides the business: "Do business with friends."  Growing up in a small rural community, the extended members of Pamela's family have been neighbors, friends, or co-workers for over four decades. Pamela's company, PremUS of Orlando, also strives to build business relationships that will withstand the test of time.

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